Zelfstandig Coach - Therapeut - Trainer
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I am an advocate for people who strongly believes in the potential in each of us waiting to be unlocked to enable transformation. 

I have the ability to connect with people on a deeper level. This enables me to understand their behaviours and support personal growth, motivate teams or assist managers in achieving great results. I train and coach people up to executive level in leadership, talent development and change.

If your company is experiencing rapid growth or going through transformation challenges, I can offer the expertise to help your organisation grow to its fullest potential whilst developing solutions that contribute to sustainable business performance. I lead transitions by ensuring senior sponsorship, by managing the processes involved and providing the relevant training and coaching. 

As I have a long track record in operations, Supply Chain, (out)sourcing, IT and Program Mgmt both as a people manager and as a consultant, I quickly understand my stakeholders’ business, technology and delivery objectives. This is relevant to quickly identify what content and skills are needed to lead transformation initiatives.

As a dance and movement therapist I welcome anyone interested to grow and embody a healthy way of living in my private practice. My clients are children, teenagers or adults dealing with challenges or looking for ways to live their lives to their fullest potential.

I am a humanitarian at the Global Goodwill Ambassadors network. 

Connect to me if you want to grow yourself or your organisation!