Business yoga specialist en auteur van het boek Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or LessIk zorg ervoor dat professionals die in hun hoofd zitten SMART vanuit hun HART gaan leven, via de NineMinMax(r) methode.
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Business Yoga






Only 9 minutes a day!

In my book, you’ll find 9 complete Business Yoga sessions designed to help you relieve stress, improve health, and re-organize your thoughts.


Easy, fast, at work

My practice doesn’t require an open space, or even a change of clothes. My NineMinMax Business Yoga can be done while sitting behind your desk and requires no experience.


Promising results

Feel more energized by rewarding your body and mind with the exercise it craves. By committing to one of the themes in my book, I promise results within 40 days.


Happy & healthy

Results from our techniques aren’t only meant to make you a better professional, but to help you live a happy and healthy life.


In life, there are no coincidences. Destiny has brought us together, and has presented you with the opportunity to take part in a life changing experience that will provide you with the tools to live happier and healthier.


All you need is to go 3 times 3 minutes to your max while do the exercises and I promise, you'll be able to enjoy your life so much more!

NineMinMax Business Yoga is based on Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. By reading my book, and participating in my practice, you’ll discover your potential to focus your attention inwards, creating an awareness of the sensations you’re experiencing.

In just 40 days, you’ll begin to see the following results:

    • Improved decision making skills
    • A better working memory
    • A more organized mind and workspace
    • The ability to create more impactful connections with others
    • Healthier and more energetic self
    • Improved focus
    • Reduced Stress
    • Strong sense of truth and purpose


“You Owe It To Yourself To Be Yourself” – Yogi Bhajan

Order my book, Bye Bye Stress in 9 Minutes or Less now, and take the next step in bettering your life by committing to better yourself.